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Ultrasound Medical Expert Liu Chengguo
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July 1, 2017, ultrasound medical experts, original 210 hospital chief physician Liu Chengguo joined Sun-Good TCM hospital. He engaged in ultrasound diagnosis and interventional ultrasound for 34 years, in the field of small organs of the tumor diagnosis and interventional ultrasound treatment of tumors have achieved very good Achievements and well received by domestic peers. He now is still the Dalian Medical Association Ultrasound Professional Committee consultant.


Director Liu Chengguo has served as:

China Society of Ultrasonic Engineering

Deputy director of the Biological Effects Committee of China Ultrasound Medical Engineering Society

China Ultrasound Medical Engineering Society professional committee

The Society of Ultrasound is involved in the professional committee

Deputy director of Shenyang Military Region ultrasound professional committee

Dalian City Ultrasound Medical Engineering Society Secretary - General

Journal of Liaoning Medical Imaging Society

Liaoning Province Institute of Ultrasound

Chinese Medical Association Dalian ultrasound branch

Member of the Shenyang Military Region Science and Technology Committee

Dalian Medical Association medical accident expert identification expert library experts and a number of medical journal editorial board


Director Liu Chengguo engaged in medical work for 50 years, published more than 30 papers, won seven military science and technology progress award, the third prize of scientific and technological progress, which has been reported in a variety of media.


Director Liu Chengguo joined the Sun-Good Traditional Chinese medicine hospital which, to a large extent, reinforced the medical strength of our hospital in ultrasound treatment technology. This will enable our hospital to better serve the broad masses of people.