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Japanese Vice Consul Visited Sun-Good TCM
Addtime:2017-12-23 14:40:52 Hit:83218

At 16:00 December 15, Mr. Tsubouchi Yoshinori, Vice Consul of Japan's Consular Office in Dalian, and his party totally twelve people visited Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital in cold windy day, and the warmth of reception staff and the smile of visiting guests added a touch of warmth to the winter in Dalian.


After greeting each other, this visit officially started. Seeing photos on the first floor of many countries visitors, Mr. Tsubouchi revealed a surprised look, and learned that Sun-Good TCM Hospital in June this year, participated in the summer Davos Forum. Although we have a certain Chinese medicine knowledge before, they did not expect that Chinese medicine could reach the stage of such scale and even ascend to the world.


Guests lingered in the Exhibition Hall of Traditional Chinese Medicine on the third floor for a long time with a large variety of medicinal herbs. Each medicinal material has different effects, with antique decoration and an ancient Chinese-related article as if bringing guests to another time and space, where they swim in the history of Chinese medicine, ancient Chinese ancestors who conducted a discussion of Chinese culture.



There are many photos of Japanese people visiting here. Among them, Mr. Koga, who visited Dalian for the 172th time, praised the efforts made by Sun-Good TCM to continuously promote the cultural exchanges between the two countries and deepen the feelings of two countries people.


In the conference hall on the fourth floor, Dr. Wang Xin gave a Japanese lecture about not only common acupuncture points, but also experienced part under the guidance of him. Mr. Yong Yuan was one of them. At first he was a little nervous, then got relaxed under the gentle massage of the doctor, and could not help thumbing up afterwards. "It worked really well!" He praised again and again.


In the evening, at 5:00 pm, guests dined in Sun-Good Chinese herbal cuisine restaurant located on the third floor of the hospital, and enjoyed the exquisite cuisine there. The staffs gave a detailed explanation of the medicated meal and pushed the visit to the climax. .


After dinner, everyone expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality of Sun-Good Hospital and quietly left in the night.


Sun-Good TCM Hospital has been devoted to cross-cultural exchanges with other countries around the world for over ten years. It has set up a professional team of international service to disseminate the charm of Chinese medicine in all countries in the world. This activity deepens the cultural exchanges between the two sides with great significance to the promotion of the relations between the two countries and to the overseas dissemination of Chinese medicine culture in our country.