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Vice President of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Ali and His Entourage Visited Dalian Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
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October 16, 2017, Qatar (Dalian) Trade and Investment Promotion Seminar & Introduction of “Made in China Exhibition 2017, Doha-Qatar” was held in Dalian, organized and co-organized by Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CCPIT Dalian Sub-council, Beijing Hongsheng China-Qatar Culture Development Center and Dalian Yeade International Exhibition Co., Ltd.. President of  CCPIT Dalian Sub-council Mr. Cui Tie, Vice President Mr. Dong Zhenming, Vice President of Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mr. Ali Saeed Ali Abusharbak, Mr. Qarif, Public Relations of Qatar Embassy in China, Ms. Ji Meixuan, head of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, and Zhu Jun, general manager of Dalian Yeade International Exhibition Co., Ltd. attended the promotion.

This promotion attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to participate in the negotiations and enthusiastic exchange. The director Mr. Wang Xin together with English and Arabian translators on behalf of Dalian Sun-Good Chinese medicine hospital participated in the promotion.


After the meeting, Mr. Ali, Mr. Sharif, and Ms. Ji Meixuan, came to Dalian Sun-Good Chinese Medicine Hospita. Mr. Ali said that Chinese medicine is the great treasure. The hospital utilized traditional Chinese medicine treatment to set up a bridge of civil communication, and in the internationalization of the road they have achieved such fruitful achievement which is very notable. When he heard that the Chinese medicine hospital has cared for a number of Qatar political and business people, he said that this trip is greatly destined. The development of Sun-Good represents the development of Chinese private enterprises and the process of change, which, in line with the trend of today's diverse world.


Then Mr. Ali and his party came to Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant to experience medicated diet. Mr. Ali said that although there is the same ingredients in Qatar, but  no way to do so exquisite and delicious, even more what  surprised him is that he can even use a wide range of medicinal herbs to achieve health care effect. He was very pleased to be able to experience Chinese culture and Chinese herbal cuisine. he hoped that Sun-Good hospital can develop more abroad, and welcomed Sun-Good to Qatar, for their people not only bringing health benefits, but also delicious diet. During the meeting, Mr. Ali even quipped: I would like to stay in Dalian for some more time. Everyone laughed in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. The banquet slowly approached the end ...

Autumn in October is not only a colorful season, but also a harvest and gorgeous season. We look forward to meeting with Qatar friends once again!