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Lesotho Training Class on Leadership Development Visited Sun-Good TCM Hospital and Experienced TCM Therapies
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6 September, 2017, delegation of Lesotho training class on leadership development came to Dalian Sun-Good traditional Chinese medicine hospital. Before that many of them have heard about the magic effects of Chinese medicine and charm different from modern medicine. This Chinese medicine health tour was arranged for the guests coming from afar offering a chance to know more of Chinese culture and Chinese medicine.


The guests visited Chinese medicine cultural historical corridor, pharmacy, consulting rooms, culture exchanges picture wall. As they walked in the pharmacy they were surrounded by strong smell of medicinal herbs. The staffs showed them with astragalus radix, centipede, cicada slough, safflower carthamus and lily. The guests rushed up and asked the names, functions, production places with interest.  


And then, led by the staff, the guests entered Sun-Good Chinese herbal cuisine restaurant on the third floor and invited to taste homemade Chinese herbal teas and pastries. Meanwhile, an exquisite English video on Chinese medicine had been prepared and played. With the opening music starting going, all became quiet and focused on television, listening carefully to the introduction to TCM culture and therapies. When the video ended, thunderous applause burst from the foreign friends.



After knowing TCM from the senses of sight, hearing and smelling, next, they experienced TCM through pulse-feeling, acupuncture and TCM massage. Mr. Ramphoma appreciated a lot about acupuncture saying there is no pain and feeling so good. Ms. Makhanya said: your massage is brilliant. I am satisfied with the strength and unique of massage. I feel relaxed after that. The several guests who experienced pulse-feeling said they are surprised at fantastic Chinese medicine because doctors told them their body condition accurately by taking the pulse.


As TCM culture and education publicity base, TCM health tourism demonstrative base and TCM trade and service key enterprise, in recent years, Dalian Sun-Good TCM hospital has been spreading Chinese medicine to the world and has made many foreign friends.