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Two Teachers from California Came to Sun-Good to Experience Chinese Massage
Addtime:2017-07-28 09:23:27 Hit:23521

In the afternoon of 23rd, July, there were two guests from Chico City of California came to Sun-Good. They are Mr. Canales, the teacher of McManus Elementary School and Mr. Holderman, the Principal of Hooker Oak Elementary School. They visited to Dalian teaching oral English to students in Dalian, and they heard about the magic treatment effects of TCM and Sun-Good TCM Hospital, so they came to Sun-Good to experience the Chinese medicine massage introduced by their friends.


They experienced the Chinese feet massage and TCM massage by the arrangement of translator of Sun-Good. Both of them had uncomfortable feeling of their body. The masseuses told them that there were many kinds of healthy acupoints in the bottom of feet and human body, and having massage on these acupoints could help them relieve the uncomfortable feeling. After listening to that, Mr. Canales and Mr. Holderman couldn’t help holding up one's thumb in approval.


After having massage, they felt very excited and praised a lot when were asked the feeling. They said that this massage had left deep impression and the force and technique of masseuses was very properly, and they regained body energy and felt very relaxed. Mr. Holderman even said humorously: I am a new man now, and everyone laughed. At last, they took group photos with the staff of Sun-Good and showed that they would come here again.


The Brief Introduction of Chico

Chico is the most populous city in Butte County, California, United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, the population was 86,187, reflecting an increase of 26,233 from the 59,954 counted in the 2000 Census. The city is a cultural, economic, and educational center of the northern Sacramento Valleyand home to both California State University, Chico and Bidwell Park, the country's 26th largest municipal park and the 13th largest municipally-owned park. Bidwell Park makes up over 17% of the city.

Other cities in close proximity to the Chico Metropolitan Area (population 212,000) include Paradise and Oroville, while local towns and villages (unincorporated areas) include Durham, Cohasset, Dayton, Nord, and Forest Ranch. The Chico Metropolitan Area is the 14th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area inCalifornia. The nickname "City of Roses" appears on the Seal of the City ofChico. The city has been designated a Tree City USA for 31 years by the National Arbor Day Foundation