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The Chinese Element of 2017 Dalian Summer Davos Forum----Chinese Medicine Culture Tour
Addtime:2017-07-26 13:55:38 Hit:21817

The 2017 Dalian Summer Davos World Economic Forum has obtained success themed as Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Inclusive Industrial Revolution inDalian. More than 2000 guests from about 80 countries of politics, business, learning and literature areas have been here to participate and feel the economic forum with international and Chinese images.


This year, the Davos has added a new kind of item of traditional Chinese cultural tour, andDalianSun-GoodTCMHospitalhas been chosen as the place for the Chinese medicine cultural tour of Davos. The Chinese medicine not only attracts the attention of participants, but also the media. In the afternoon of 26th, June, the media of China Daily Media Group, China National English Daily, China Economic Net, Dalian TV and other media groups came to Sun-Good to experience and interview about the characteristics of Chinese medicine.


After visiting and experiencing, the journalists of these media groups interviewed the activity of Sun-Good Chinese medicine cultural tour. They have appreciated the Chinese medicine culture video, and tasted four kinds of herbal tea: the Chinese Wolfberry and Chrysanthemum tea, the lotus leaf tea, the Solomon’s Seal tea, and the Black Wolfberry tea, and also experienced the pulse diagnosis, Chinese medicine massage, acupuncture, tongue diagnosis.


They said that foreign people still have enough knowledge about the Chinese medicine culture, and the Chinese medicine culture will obtain the wider foreign cognition and recognition by their interviews. Sun-Good not only advertises the Chinese medicine to more people, but also lets Chinese medicine become a bridge to the World.Sun-GoodTCMHospitalspreads the Chinese medicine culture to more people from all around the world to let them know more about the Chinese medicine culture.