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Chinese medicine Massage- Hot Spot of Summer Davos
Addtime:2017-07-26 13:44:11 Hit:21591

Dalian International Convention Center is the main venue of Summer Davos this year which Dalian Sun-Good TCM Hospital was invited to attend and support. After the cupping popularity on the Rio Olympic Games, Chinese medicine massage once again fanned the Annual Meeting of New Champions 2017.


Mehdi Barkhordar from Switzerland has just done a hand massage for a while, "very well, very comfortable." He said in English. "Everyone says that Chinese medicine is mysterious. How do you think?" Reporter asked. "Mysterious? No, it is not mystery, is magical!" Barkhordar shook his head and raised his thumb.


Barkhordar works in a Swiss company, claiming to be a hardcore fan of Chinese medicine. This is the second time for him to experience Chinese medicine massage therapy - ten minutes ago, he just got treated for shoulder and neck,  "It is the first time to try to do massage, but I had done acupuncture before." He said that in Switzerland whenever the body is uncomfortable, he will get relieved by acupuncture.


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