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Therapeutic Effect of Acupuncture and Moxibustion
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♦ Regulating Yin and Yang

     The aim of acupuncture treatment is to regulate yin and yang based on syndrome differentiation.        

♦ Reinforcing the Healthy Qi and Eliminating Pathogenic Factors      

     In acupuncture treatment the reinforcement method and moxibustion serve to support the healthy qi,        while the reduction  method and bloodletting serve to eliminate pathogenic factors.    

♦ Dredging Meridians                    

     Physiologically and pathologically, meridians and zang-fu organs are mutually affected,

     so when acupuncture or moxibustion is applied to points , the blocked meridians are dredged

     and qi and blood are regulated.

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   ♦ 调节阴阳


   ♦ 巩固正气祛除致病因素

     在针灸治疗中,巩固法和艾灸治疗是为了加强体内正气,同时刺络放血是为了消除体内的致病因           素。

   ♦ 疏通经络