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How Acupuncture-Knife relieve the pain Dr.Li Wei will show you the answer
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:08:21 Hit:8802

    Andrey  has been suffering from injury of right rotator cuff many years. In order to relieve the pain, he had traveled to many countries such as Germany and Switzerland for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the results was not possitive--- he still couldn't hold up his right shoulder. When Andrey came to China, he was busy with so many affairs. However, he still took his time to Sun-good TCM Hospital and asked for TCM treatment---Acupuncture-Knife.

    Dr. Li Wei, who is osteological specialist, in charge of giving Andrey the Acupuncture-Knife treatment. Immediately after the treatment, Andrey could lift his right hand over his head. He was so surprise and happy. He couldn't believe that only once treatment in Sun-good TCM Hospital could make him has such a amazing result. He spoke highly of that Dr. Li could cure the soft tissue injuries and sports injuries by TCM Treatments. He wish that more Russian patients could get help from TCM Treatments in Sun-good TCM Hospital.