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Obtaining another life happily
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:07:22 Hit:8730

75-year-old old woman Li had bone tuberculosis for about 40 years. It has been 37 years since she had surgical treatment. Soon after the operation, she got thoracolumbar rotational deformity and it got progressively worse. Finally, it caused her severe functional limitation and could not take care of herself in her life. The perennial pain tortured her and made her lose confidence for life. She wanted to suicide herself for lots of times, but luckily, she was discovered and saved by her family in time, which avoided the tragedy. Just when her family could do nothing, a piece of news about Sun-good Hospital specialist” little knife surprising foreigners” attracted them.

They came all the way to the Sun-good Hospital. After listening to their statement and asking the symptoms carefully, the specialist made her a detailed examination. Then, doctor diagnosed her thoracolumbar bone tuberculosis definitely and made a treatment plan. He has implemented correction of spinal deformity of needle knife surgery twice to her.

After the two operations, Li’s malformation had greatly improved, which included 5 degrees of scoliosis correction, 45 degrees of flexion and pain disappeared. Now, she could take care of herself. The smile returned. When her neighbor saw her, they all said that Sun-good Hospital doctors were so amazing that made her a different person.

Li’s family got happy again. Whenever someone asked  the old woman Li, her family would say that it is Sun-good Hospital doctors that make her another person and bring back the laugh.