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Scrapping cure difficult disease
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Once speaking of the scrapping, people who have common sense of TCM will know that it’s a cheap and convenient way for treatment. That is using scrapping plate with scrapping oil to scrape certain part of human body repeatedly, rubbing patients’ skin to achieve the purpose of warding off disease.

Can scrapping cure disease? Many people are skeptical, even deny it.

Specialists of Scrapping Department in Sun-good Hospital answer people powerfully with a little scrapping plate that scrapping can not only cure disease, but also can cure some difficult diseases.

In the cases, there are many curative patients that are recorded.

1.Congenital painless anhidrosis

There’s a little boy who is one year old. He didin’t have the feeling of pain and sweat since he was born. After news media reported, many hospitals no matter big or small came to him and treat for the kid. Unfortunately, there was no effect. After a month of therapy by specialist in Sun-good Hospital, kid didn’t bite his tongue often. His parents had confidence in the therapy.

2.After the occupation of lung cancer

Patients cannot eat anything after the chemotherapy of lung cancer. Because they will throw what they eat up after they eat something. They are so weak that they cannot even walk. However, after the treatment of scrapping and special manipulation, patients can eat food on that day. Half a month later, patients’ complexion are greatly improved. They can not only eat food, gain weight, but also can live on their own and go out for a walk.

3.Stomachache for no reason

There a patient who comes from Russia. He abdominal distention and pain for nearly 20 years. He spent almost everyday of abdominal distention and stomachache. However, after coming to Sun-good Hospital, those symptoms disappeared only in half a month. He came back to Russia happily.

4.Heart stent and diabetes

There was a patient who did heart stent a few years ago and he got diabetes after. So he had to take insulin everyday, which can lower blood sugar from 20 to11. After a half-month treatment in Sun-good Hospital, he stopped hypoglycemic drug with normal and steady blood sugar.

5.Subhealth syndrome

Russia's chief justice felt uncomfortable whole body because of the stress of his work. This time, he came to China Sun-good Hospital to look for specialists. The specialist took a combination of scrapping and message as measures to treat chief justice. Only twice, he felt much better and comfort he never felt before.

That scrapping can cure people is based on the principle that the twelve meridians and the eight extra meridians of Chinese Medicine and finding the origin if it’s acute disease. Specialists’ scrapping is mainly on restoring the basic function and differs from TCM. The core is to solve the problem in space. using the technique of strong stimulation of main and collateral channels,make local skin congests aglow,so as to wake the God saves Jue,detoxification,heat the solution table,eliminating gas pain,the smooth flow of human space,solve the internal organs of the body around environment uncoordinated,achieve the effect of tonifying spleen and stomach