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Difficult cases
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Case I: Hao Mou, male, 37 years old, Dalian University of Foreign Workers. In the middle of last year due to sudden tinnitus, he came to the Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical for treatment. All the checks are normal. He was admitted to the hospital by tinnitus but it didn’t improve for about half a month. He came to the Sun-good Hospital by other’s introduction. TCM diagnosis was iver Qi stagnation, liver and gallbladder Huo. Exploring the psychological reasons, because of fewer units of the department staff, he had heavy tasks, big responsibility and a long period of tension, under adverse emotional impact irritability, anxiety, fear, etc., there is no time to ease the emergence of somatization poor sleep, memory loss, chest tightness, tinnitus, headaches. After using own mental energy therapy given psychological counseling adjustment, combined with acupuncture acupuncture guide, the symptoms alleviated for just one treatment. And he got improvement of spirit after a course. All the symptoms were canceled.

Case thinking: the latest foreign research confirmed that, with the rapid development of society, the medical model, 80% of diseases are caused by psychological factors. In addition to rompt physicians in clinical psychological factors to be considered and explored to improve efficacy than patients more importantly, people want to adjust the attitude, change the bad perception, through pre fitness center and then to achieve fitness, illnesses and sickness and disease prevention effect.