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Chinese Medicine, Also Gospel for Foreign Friends
Addtime:2016-11-29 09:34:10 Hit:3616
On Oct. 31, 2016, Sveda and her husband Mr. Sacha came to Sun-good hospital of TCM to take a vacation and receive treatment. Stuffs of international division of the hospital, holding flowers to show welcome, leaded the couple to guest room No. 303 of Sun-good hospital and then had a ... Read more>>
Davorka’s Illnesses Have Been Improved a Lot in Sun-good
Addtime:2015-11-21 08:11:53 Hit:5565
   Davorka is 56 years old from Netherlands. She has Multiple Sclerosis for 16 years. When she came to Sun-good at first time, she always felt stomach inflation and hurt in her joints. The illnesses were very complicated and she didn’t find any reason in her country. The specialists i... Read more>>
Naara From Brazil Are Not Headache Any More
Addtime:2015-11-20 08:16:11 Hit:5369
   Naara is 40 years old from Brazil, and she comes to Dalian this year. In the recent 5 years, she was suffering from strong headache. The headache accompanied with her every day and it was more serious when she was in the woman’s day every month. She and her husband had gone to many... Read more>>
Chinese traditional acupuncture treatment- a Russian woman’s dream o
Addtime:2015-08-31 09:45:52 Hit:6051
       Katia is a 21- year-old woman from Russia. She is a cerebral palsy patient. She was diagnosed as suffering from the infantile cerebral palsy when she was just a few months old. Since then, her families never have given up the treatment for her illness. They have ... Read more>>
Director of Sun-good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Mr.Xin Wang
Addtime:2014-12-22 14:56:50 Hit:6781
On November 28th of 2014, Mr.Xin Wang(who is the secretary-general of Central Asian Exchange Association between Dalian and Russia, and the director of Shengu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital) received Mr. Nicola Barker Rachelsky(the Mayor of Ohrid in republic of Macedonia)and Mrs. Goerd... Read more>>
How Acupuncture-Knife relieve the pain Dr.Li Wei will show you the ans
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:08:21 Hit:8803
    Andrey  has been suffering from injury of right rotator cuff many years. In order to relieve the pain, he had traveled to many countries such as Germany and Switzerland for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the results was not possitive--- he still couldn't hold up his right ... Read more>>
Obtaining another life happily
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:07:22 Hit:8731
75-year-old old woman Li had bone tuberculosis for about 40 years. It has been 37 years since she had surgical treatment. Soon after the operation, she got thoracolumbar rotational deformity and it got progressively worse. Finally, it caused her severe functional limitation and could not take car... Read more>>
Difficult cases
Addtime:2014-05-22 09:30:09 Hit:15263
Case I: Hao Mou, male, 37 years old, Dalian University of Foreign Workers. In the middle of last year due to sudden tinnitus, he came to the Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical for treatment. All the checks are normal. He was admitted to the hospital by tinnitus but it didn’t improve for abou... Read more>>
The treatment of lumbar disc herniation associated with spinal stenosi
Addtime:2014-07-07 15:19:16 Hit:15136
Name: Wang Rui Sex: Female Age: 52 Symptoms: Right part of waist and back hurts intermittent and transferred to the right leg for about 5 months, even heavier. History of present illness: 5 months ago, the patient got intermittent swelling pain in her right part of the wai... Read more>>
Scrapping cure difficult disease
Addtime:2014-07-07 15:19:35 Hit:15289
Once speaking of the scrapping, people who have common sense of TCM will know that it’s a cheap and convenient way for treatment. That is using scrapping plate with scrapping oil to scrape certain part of human body repeatedly, rubbing patients’ skin to achieve the purpose of warding off dise... Read more>>