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The President of the East Holland Machinery Association Visits Sun-goo
Addtime:2015-11-06 09:51:21 Hit:5371
     Mr. Martin, who is the president of the East Holland Machinery Association, came to the Dalian Sun-good TCM Hospital. He visited the Sun-good and experienced the TCM pulse-feeling, the acupuncture and massage. He said that he liked the traditional medicine very much, and he... Read more>>
The Delegation of Bremen Visits Sun-good
Addtime:2015-11-06 10:34:49 Hit:5396
                 Mr. Heiner Heseler, who is the deputy minister of the economy, labor and port ministry in Bremen State government in Germany, visited Dalian Sun-good TCM Hospital with his three members. After experiencing the TCM massag... Read more>>
Chairman of Russian Sports and Cultural Development Committee Visits S
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:29:38 Hit:6467
November 3, 2011, Chairman of Russian sports and cultural development committee, Mr. Alexei visited Sun-GoodHospital and had Chinese medicine treatment. He was also invited to write an inscription for the China-Russia Culture Exchange Association as the following: Российско-... Read more>>
Welcome to Sun-Good Chinese Medicine Hospital!
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:30:50 Hit:13975
Sun-Good Hospital is located in Dalian, a major city and seaport in the south of Liaoning province, Northeast China. It faces Shandong to the south, the Yellow Sea to the east and the Bohai Sea to the west and south with four seasons and only 1000km away from the capital of Beijing (one hour of f... Read more>>
Director of Sun-good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Mr.Xin Wang
Addtime:2014-12-22 15:34:45 Hit:13778
On November 28th of 2014, Mr.Xin Wang(who is the secretary-general of Central Asian Exchange Association between Dalian and Russia, and the director of Shengu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital) received Mr. Nicola Barker Rachelsky(the Mayor of Ohrid in republic of Macedonia... Read more>>
Professor of Yale University visits Sun-good and experiences TCM
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:26:50 Hit:13725
Robert Jarrod, cardiology professor of Medicinal School of Yale University, came to Dalian to lean traditional Chinese medicine on April 11. In Sun-good TCM, Mr. Jarrod witnesses the magical effect of Chinese medicine to relief patient’s pain. It is reported that Robert Jarrod who ... Read more>>
Hostess from Russian 1TV Interviews Sun-good TCM
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:24:17 Hit:13515
Murray shevchenko, irina, vasiliev who is an academician of Russian Broadcasting Institute, a Doctor of Medicine and a hostess and editor of Health program of Russian 1tv, comes to Dalian to exert a special interview about Sun-good traditional medicine with her 11 team members. Durin... Read more>>
Deputy Director, Envoy and Counselor of Ukrainian Embassy in China Vis
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:22:40 Hit:13463
From July 26 to 28, 2013, the deputy director, the envoy and the counselor Xia Guang of Ukrainian embassy in China visit Sun-good TCM. Counselor Xia Guang inquires into the situation where Sun-good TCM carries out Chinese medicine treatment for the patients from Russia, Eastern Europe and central... Read more>>
Researcher of Institute of Russian Medical Sciences visits Sun-good TC
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:21:21 Hit:13294
On the morning of November 16, 2012, Axonal Nicokinscoa, osteoporosis,  researcher of Institute of Russian Medical Sciences, visits Sun-good TCM. The director of Comprehensive Department of Sun-good TCM conducts a technological exchange with him.   俄罗斯医学科学院... Read more>>
Russian Swimming Champion Applauds Health-care Porridge of Sun-good TC
Addtime:2014-06-28 13:20:47 Hit:13327
Maria Gromova is the main player in Russian synchronized swimming team and the golden medal winner in both Beijing Olympic Games and Athens Olympic Games. Influenced by her parents, Maria Gromova has a great interest in Chinese medicine, especially in Sun-good  health-care porridge --- Moro ... Read more>>
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