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Dalian Sun-good Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Was Titled as
Addtime:2017-01-19 13:56:21 Hit:3206
At the end of the year 2016, Sun-good hospital was rewarded another title as Advanced Unit on Health Propaganda Work in 2016, which is the last one prize that Sun-good got in 2016. For the past few years, especially after being titled ... Read more>>
Enterprises Bilateral Symposium Between Karadhag District of Azerbaija
Addtime:2017-01-10 16:05:03 Hit:2684
January 5, 2017, bilateral talks between Karadhag district of Baku city of the Republic of Azerbaijan Republic and Dalian Jinpu District held smoothly. Mr. Wang Xin, president of China and Russia Eastern Europe and Central Asia Exchange Association was invited to attend.... Read more>>
Wonderful Performance Given by Dalian Sun-good Sky Orchestra
Addtime:2016-12-31 14:11:49 Hit:2643
New Year's Concert for foreign friends in Dalian opened last night in Dalian people Culture Club. The concert was hosted by Dalian People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and was undertaken by Dalian Sun-good Sky Orchestra sponsored by Dalian Su... Read more>>
Japanese Friends came to Sun-Good Chinese Herbal Cuisine Restaurant
Addtime:2016-12-16 10:09:07 Hit:2726
November 27, 2016, Sun-good hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), ushered in a group of guests from Japan Kyushu Kagoshima. They are Japan Kagoshima City Tourism Hotel Executive Director and chef Mr. Tamura Hong Ming, general manager of Uchida, and Mr. Xu Zhaofa, President of D... Read more>>
Sun-good TCM Hospital Organized Charity Clinics for Community
Addtime:2016-12-16 09:28:45 Hit:2812
To promote the concept of healthy life, and vigorously promote community volunteer service activities, to solve the problem of medical treatment for ordinary people, on December 11, the Xigang district Work Committee, Bayi Street together with Dalian Sun-good Hosp... Read more>>
Liaoning Provincial Administration of TCM Visited Sun-good TCM Hospita
Addtime:2016-11-26 14:33:06 Hit:2720
At 2 p.m. Section Chief Tong Haiming and other two supervisors from Liaoning Provincial Administration, accompanied by municipal leader Tong Haiming, came to Sun-good TCM Hospital to visit and supervise. The supervision and inspection... Read more>>
Experts from Yunnan Huangjia Yiquan Tumor TCM Hospital visits Sun-good
Addtime:2016-11-16 11:26:35 Hit:2957
On the morning of Nov. 12, Sun-good TCM Hospital welcomed in a group of experts from the Yunnan Huangjia Yiquan Tumor TCM Hospital. They were Mr. Huang Chuangui, president of Huangjiayuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Mr. Zheng Zhenghua, executive vice pr... Read more>>
American Doctor Rajan. M.D. Visited Dalian Sun-good TCM
Addtime:2016-11-05 14:19:50 Hit:2707
On Oct. 31st, in the company of Chinese friend Mr. Li, Rajan M.D., a doctor from CA. USA, paid a visit to Dalian Sun-good Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital for communication between Chinese medicine and western medicine.   Doctor Rajan, who... Read more>>
Dalian Exchange Association between China, Russia, East Europe and Cen
Addtime:2016-10-28 21:54:42 Hit:2793
By the invitation of Liaoning Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and also authorized by the Director of Dalian Exchange Association between China, Russia, East Europe and Central Asia, Mr. Wang Xin, Mr. Liu Wenbo, who is the Chief Supervisor of Dalian Exchange ... Read more>>
Sun-good TCM Hospital Receives First Evaluation for the Title of Liaon
Addtime:2016-10-25 15:54:50 Hit:2704
8:50 a.m. Oct. 14th, 2016 Leaders of Dalian Municipal Tourism Bureau, Family Planning Commission came to Sun-good TCM Hospital giving the first evaluation for the title of Liaoning provincial TCM health tourism model unit. This visit followed succession of evaluation for the title of Dal... Read more>>
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