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The Delegation Group from Thailand Visited Sun-Good and Experienced Ch
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:43:25 Hit:26184
In May, it was the great time of the whole year. During this wonderful period, a delegation group fromThailandcame to Sun-Good.   There were five friends fromThailand, and at first, they experienced the traditional Chinese medicine massage. Thailand h... Read more>>
The Chinese Medicine Culture Went into the Countries of South Asia, No
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:42:05 Hit:26139
In the month of spring, Dalian Sun-Good TCM Hospital received friends from more than 14 countries of South Asia, North Africa, South America and South Africa with 36 people. They obtained warm welcome once they came into Sun-Good.   ... Read more>>
The Delegation Group from Afghanistan Visited Dalian Sun-Good TCM Hosp
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:39:17 Hit:26169
In the afternoon of 21st, April, some guests of a delegation group fromAfghanistancame toDalianSun-GoodTCMHospitaland they also experienced the Chinese medicine physiotherapies in Sun-Good.   On the first floor, guests firstl... Read more>>
The Delegation Group from Kyushu of Japan Visited to Dalian Sun-Good T
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:36:50 Hit:22309
On 15th, April, 2017, the delegation group from Kyushu of Japan with 9 Japanese guests and some translators came toDalianSun-GoodTCMHospitalby the introduction ofDalianChinaand Japan Friendship Association. This group was led by Mr. Oda, who was the ministers of Kyus... Read more>>
Two Teachers from California Came to Sun-Good to Experience Chinese Ma
Addtime:2017-07-28 09:23:27 Hit:23289
In the afternoon of 23rd, July, there were two guests from Chico City of California came to Sun-Good. They are Mr. Canales, the teacher of McManus Elementary School and Mr. Holderman, the Principal of Hooker Oak Elementary School. They visited to Dalian teaching o... Read more>>
Solomon’s Seal Tea: Soft Spot of Prof. Klaus Schwab
Addtime:2017-07-25 08:54:43 Hit:23130
With the smooth closing of 2017 Summer Davos, Chinese culture has become a spectacular landscape of the forum. The infinite charm of Chinese medicine attracted guests from all countries, even the founder of the World Economic Forum & Executive Chairman Profes... Read more>>
Chinese medicine Massage- Hot Spot of Summer Davos
Addtime:2017-07-25 08:40:56 Hit:22636
Dalian International Convention Center is the main venue of Summer Davos this year which Dalian Sun-Good TCM Hospital was invited to attend and support. After the cupping popularity on the Rio Olympic Games, Chinese medicine massage once again fanned the Annual Me... Read more>>
The Delegation Group from Vanuatu Visited Sun-Good and Experienced Chi
Addtime:2017-07-24 08:36:51 Hit:17946
On 14th, July, Dalian Sun-Good TCM Hospital received a delegation group from Vanuatu, one of the island countries of Oceania, and it was the second time for Sun-Good to welcome the guests from Vanuatu.   At first, these guests visit the physica... Read more>>
Friends from Uzbekistan Visit Sun-Good TCM Hospital
Addtime:2017-07-24 08:32:30 Hit:17842
From 5th, July to 7th, July, the delegation group from Uzbekistan visited Dalian with Mr. Zakir Abiduofu as team leader. During their Dalian visit, they choseDalianSun-Good TCM Hospitals an important visit place. Mr. Abiduofu came to Sun-Good to treat his eyes and fr... Read more>>
The Perfect Meeting of Dalian Sun-Good TCM Hospital with Davos Economi
Addtime:2017-07-05 16:39:50 Hit:18194
At the final day of June of 2017, the 2017 Dalian Summer Davos World Economic Forum has obtained success themed as Achieving Inclusive Growth in the Fourth Inclusive Industrial Revolution. As the hosted city,Dalian also has obtained the appraised by over 2000 guests o... Read more>>
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