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South Africa, Eritrea, Uganda, Rwandan Friends Coming to Sun-Good to E
Addtime:2017-08-12 17:14:08 Hit:29923
July 3 morning, over 20 guests with curly hair, black skin came to Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Hospital from Eritrea, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda and other countries of Africa. It is the first time for them to be there. Most of them are state-level ... Read more>>
Dalian China Japan Friendship Association Held Welcome Party for Mr. M
Addtime:2017-08-10 08:47:55 Hit:30077
On 20th, June, 2017, Dalian China Japan Friendship Association held the welcome party for Mr. Maruyama Koichi, who is the new director of Dalian Consular Office from Shenyang Consulate General of Japan, and also held the farewell party for Mr. Watarai Hayato who wou... Read more>>
Local Japanese Friend Visited Sun-Good TCM and Experienced Chinese Med
Addtime:2017-08-10 08:45:26 Hit:30021
3 June, the Japanese friend who studied Chinese herbal cuisine led six local Japanese come to Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to experience Chinese herbal cuisine and Chinese medicine massage.  Mrs. Ishikawa posted words and pictur... Read more>>
Russian Academician Abel Visited Sun-Good
Addtime:2017-08-10 08:43:42 Hit:26576
  “Bosom friends within the four seas are close neighbors though separated by oceans.” In recent year, friends from around the world have arrived at Sun-Good TCM Hospital for the magic of Chinese medicine coming along the silk road. On the evening of 12 June, ... Read more>>
Prof. Barry Kilpatrick Invited to Direct Sun-Good Sky Orchestra and Vi
Addtime:2017-08-05 15:29:04 Hit:26610
May 19 at 9 am, a day of normal rehearsal for Dalian Sun-Good Sky Orchestra. Differently, all the players came to the rehearsal scene early and didi all the preparatory work excited and waiting quietly. When the two tall foreigners into the door, the players immediately stood a warm... Read more>>
Guests from Bolivia Visited Sun-Good
Addtime:2017-08-05 15:26:20 Hit:26476
Sun-Good is trying its best to implement the national policy of Chinese medicine health tourism with the basic content of Chinese medicine service, and in recent years, there are many guests from different countries in the world coming to Sun-Good to have visit and t... Read more>>
Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Institute and the Russian Nationa
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:58:09 Hit:26351
Recently Sun-Good received several specialists from Russian Academy of Sciences Far East Institute and the Russian National Civil Service Institute in Sun-Good TCM hospital. Because they are fond of Chinese medicine culture, this trip satisfied their curiosity and th... Read more>>
Great Meet in Sun-Good with Arabian Friends
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:56:27 Hit:26402
Spring is coming; birds singing and dancing. A delegation with 36 people from 14 developing countries came to Dalian Sun-Good Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to experience Chinese medicine culture and therapies. After that, they all gathered in Sun-Good Chinese... Read more>>
Saudi Arabia Guest Visited Sun-Good TCM to Experience Traditional Chin
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:54:45 Hit:26402
On the noon of 12, Apr. , the weather is warm and flower buds bloom. For Sun-Good TCM hospital, this day is an important day. Mr. Abdullah, who is from Saudi Arabia royal family, came to Dalian to experience Chinese medicine physical therapy and herbal cuisine. Pres... Read more>>
Friends from Equatorial Guinea Visited Sun-Good
Addtime:2017-08-03 16:45:48 Hit:26313
On 12th, May, 2017, a delegation group from Equatorial Guinea with 21 people came to Sun-Good TCM Hospital to start their Chinese medicine healthy tour.   These guests showed their great interests on the Chinese medicine, because th... Read more>>
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