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How to Cure Kidney Disease in TCM?
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:18:49 Hit:13147
The social harm of kidney disease     With the aging population and changes of people’s lifestyle, the disease spectrum of human being is quietly changing. Traditional infectious diseases are decreasing while chronic non-infectious diseases are becoming the first kille... Read more>>
The Gallery of TCM History Was Built in Dalian Sun-good Hospital
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:18:40 Hit:13090
To inherit traditional Chinese medical culture and popularize traditional Chinese medical knowledge, Dalian Sun-good Hospital invested and built the gallery of TCM history on the first floor. The whole gallery consisted of more than 30,000 words and hundreds of pictures. It divided the traditiona... Read more>>
Specialists of Sun-good Hospital Went to the Community
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:18:03 Hit:13096
March 29th, 2014, 8:30 a.m. is the JAVD (junior achievement of volunteer day) in Ri Xin Street, Xi Gang district. Chief Gao Xingjun and Sun Rilin two specialists of Sun-good Hospital came to Ri Xin street as volunteers to have free clinic for local people in their free time. Although the two spec... Read more>>
Sun-good Hospital Built Chi-Jap Medicine Communication Platform
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:17:54 Hit:12928
In order to promote the medical fold communication between China and Japan, Sun-good Hospital have established the Chi-Jap Medicine communication platform, which receives medical communication groups from Japan, establishes Chi-Jap traditional Chinese medical cultural relic and literature collect... Read more>>
Lectures in China Merchants Bank Given by Sun-good Hospital Specialist
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:17:40 Hit:13127
Lectures in China Merchants Bank Given by Sun-good Hospital Specialist Shi Zhichao Is Welcomed     March 15th, 2014, 9:00 a.m. Sun-good Hospital specialist Shi Zhichao was invited to China Merchants Band to give a lecture about TCM health care for more than 80 VIP clients. &... Read more>>
Sun-good Department of Stomatology Begins to Treat Patients
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:15:44 Hit:13168
Sun-good Department of Stomatology Begins to Treat Patients       Sun-good Hospital adopted advanced technology of inland oral medical profession and it’s characterized by advanced medical equipment, humanized service and scientific and safe disinfection. ... Read more>>
President of Association of Chi-Jap Communication Paid a Visit
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:15:35 Hit:13100
President of Association of Chi-Jap Communication Paid a Visit     April, 16th, 2014, President of Association of Chi-Jap Communication Li Ruopeng, Secretary General Wang Hui, Vice-minister Dong Liping and General Manager Mr. Wang, Deputy General Manager Shi Ze of the Jin H... Read more>>
Sun-good Hospital Received a Silk Banner from a Patient Who Had Ankylo
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:15:26 Hit:13220
   Recently, Liu Jiashun, who lived in Gai County come to Dalia Sun-good Hospital specially to offer specialist Liu Xiaojia a silk banner. Mr. Liu thanked specialist Liu Xiaojiu careful treatment of ankylosing spondylitis for him and brought him a normal life. Ankylosing spon... Read more>>
Establishment of the Anorectal of Sun-good Hospital
Addtime:2014-05-25 13:15:17 Hit:13039
Sun-good Hospital establishes Anorectal and the expert is chief physician Gai Yaoying. In recent years, the living standard and level improved. While with the frequency of the tense job, anorectal diseases also grows with each passing day. Take constipation as an example,  which bother... Read more>>
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