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Following the Sun-good Wechat Health being with you
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:38:41 Hit:13023
Why will people be attacked by high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes,liver disease, gout, thyroid, stomach disease, asthma, allergies, malignant tumor, etc. What should people do to prevent themselves from being ravaged by them and make “curing before getting sick, health and longevity... Read more>>
Dalian Daily, Dalian News and Dalian Runsky and other news media have
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:37:21 Hit:12930
Dalian Daily, Dalian News and Dalian Runsky and other news media have reported the performance of Sun-good Sky symphonic band Dalian Daily journalist: Qin Yu Report from our correspondent, the “Happy Weekend” public art appreciation series host by Dalian Broadcasting and entertain... Read more>>
Famous Doctors of Sun-good Hospital Benefit Chinese and Foreign patien
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:36:06 Hit:13055
Dalian Sun-good Hospital is a comprehensive medical institutions mainly on traditional Chinese medicine and combination of Chinese and western medicine. There are medical center, the Department of TCM clinic, international rehabilitation center and health training school in Sun-good Hospita... Read more>>
Specialists of Sun-good Hospital Went to the Community
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:31:37 Hit:12868
March 29th, 2014, 8:30 a.m. is the JAVD (junior achievement of volunteer day) in Ri Xin Street, Xi Gang district. Chief Gao Xingjun and Sun Rilin two specialists of Sun-good Hospital came to Ri Xin street as volunteers to have free clinic for local people in their free time. Although the two spec... Read more>>
The Gallery of TCM History Was Built in Dalian Sun-good Hospital
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:30:23 Hit:12886
To inherit traditional Chinese medical culture and popularize traditional Chinese medical knowledge, Dalian Sun-good Hospital invested and built the gallery of TCM history on the first floor. The whole gallery consisted of more than 30,000 words and hundreds of pictures. It divided the traditiona... Read more>>
How to Cure Kidney Disease in TCM?
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:29:41 Hit:12858
The social harm of kidney disease With the aging population and changes of people’s lifestyle, the disease spectrum of human being is quietly changing. Traditional infectious diseases are decreasing while chronic non-infectious diseases are becoming the first killer of threatening ... Read more>>
Director Wang Xin of Sun-good Hospital introducing experience gains at
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:28:05 Hit:12576
May 14, 2014, Director Wang Xin of Dalian Sun-good Hospital participated in the traditional Chinese medicine overseas promotion seminar organized by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and introduced the overseas situation of promotions of carrying out Chinese medicine. The e... Read more>>
Characteristic Therapy of Orthopedics Specialist Yang Jiaxiang
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:24:59 Hit:12679
Attending physician Yang Jiaxiang is graduated from Changchun University of Chinese Medicine, Yang Jiaxiang has worked on TCM for over 30 years. He is the director of Professional Board of Chinese Special Medicine, chairman of Chinese Medical Research Association and the head professor of CHHIC. ... Read more>>
Famous Conductor Mr. Li Fangfang Came to Sun-good Hospital to Guide Su
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:22:34 Hit:12634
In the afternoon of May, 12th, National first-grade conductor, Beijing Wind Orchestra artistic director, one of the major representatives of China Wind Symphony Mr. Li Fangfang accompanied by Director Wang Xin came to No.44 Middle School and listened to the performance given by Sun-good Sky Symph... Read more>>
Mr. & Mrs. Li Zhaoxing Went to Sun-good Hospital for the Third Time
Addtime:2014-06-28 11:21:29 Hit:12613
On May 20th, 2014 to May 24th, 2014, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, President of the China Association for Public Diplomacy, Mr. Li Zhaoxing visited and inspected Dalian Sun-good Hospital. This is the first time that president Li Zhaoxing has came to Dalian Sun-good Hospital since 2008 and 2... Read more>>
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